About Tanzanite Studs

In today’s high fashion world, the minimalist look of a stud has made an immense come back. In the list of 12 Jewelry Trends for 2014 list, stud earrings have left their mark – both in the hearts of buyers and the jewelers market. Having minimum stress on your budget while still being the most numerous in style and color, studs importance in jewelry is unmatched. Being inherently unisex in nature has also greatly helped.

Making appearances time and again on the red carpet and everywhere in Hollywood, diamond studs that have been a classic for centuries are being slowly but steadily replaced by other precious and semi-precious gemstones. A once simple style with a single stone of reasonable size – maybe one to three carats – stud earrings were worn by the high class as a statement of their wealth; the larger and more precious the stone, the greater their status. It was an excuse to wear a representation of their most expensive jewelry in daily wear as well.

Today, the tables have turned. The stud is looked at as a convenient but classy, minimalist but chic choice of jewelry.Be it office, a dinner party, an official get together or a night out with your girlfriends, studs can say so much with so little. Not only that, but they are the most comfortable earrings to wear – no tangles or stone weight issues!

Tanzanite studs in specific are a reasonably new addition to fashion; being a relative young stone, Tanzanite has gained immense popularity and even a representation on the birthstone list under December. Its rarity and brilliant blue are huge influencers on its growing popularity and sales.

This vividcobalt stone has entered all the popular as well as latest stud designs – the emerald cut studs, the cushion cut studs, the round shaped tanzanite studs and the pear shaped studs being the most famous.

While the usual cuts set in a metal clasp are timeless, latest stud designs are of a whole new level. With the addition of supplementary stones, halos and metal art deco work, studs no longer remain the daily or formal wear they used to be – they are starting to replace even statement chandeliers. Gorgeous tanzanite studs with a ring of pear shaped smaller rubies encircling it, studs that have a small princess or cushion cut gem on top attached to the clasp, with a larger pear or marquise cut tanzanite dropping down from it, pronged or up-the-ear settings – each has its own character and individuality but are still a part of the growing stud family.

Fashion stud designs are in vogue, retaining the minimalism of a stud in terms of setting, but going wild in style and metal work. Asymmetrical settings of more than one colored stone, often in varied sizes are the latest entrant. Bezel and half bezel settings are also gaining ground.

Lighter colored tanzanite are seen in combination most commonly with opals, while the deeper blues are often matched with diamonds. In the setting, white metals like platinum, palladium and white gold are preferred as yellow gold has an overpowering shine of its own.