20 Affordable Pieces of Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most important days in the life of a man and woman. Amidst all that planning it is always a task to set aside time and money for the wedding jewelry. Here are 20 stately and gorgeous pieces of wedding jewelry which will get you started on this hunt for the perfect wedding jewels.

Wedding Jewelry

Wedding bands are always the first priority; you have to keep them on forever! Here is a stunning diamond tanzanite ring at less than $70!

Diamond Tanzanite Ring

Another tanzanite ring with subtly colored tanzanites accented with diamonds. Instead of the traditional vintage setting, this diamond tanzanite ring has a more contemporary cluster setting.

Tanzanite Ring

Looking for something less extravagant? Here is a simple clear and blue rhinestone ring set onto a delicate sterling silver band. At less than $20, if you aren’t keen on a colored stone wedding band then you can wear this for your something blue!

Blue Rhinestone Ring
If you’re the kind to heap on rings, this black pearl set in sterling silver is for just $25. The opaque freshwater pearl will go beautifully with a dazzling wedding band.

Wedding Rings

Want to show off stacked paved rings? Add to that wedding band bling with this sterling silver studded eternity band.

Chandelier Earrings

Ornamental hairclips are a great way to accent your hairstyle and dress without overdoing it. This beautiful ensemble of freshwater pearls and fabric flowers is a perfect substitute for chandelier earrings, and much more affordable too – at just $88.

Bridal Comb Snowflake
Bridal comb shaped like a snowflake – this hair accessory is set with rhinestones, making it look elusive and translucent.

Pearl Bridal Comb

If you are going for something more elaborate then this gold plated freshwater pearl bridal comb is just what you need to top off an off-white wedding gown.

Pearl Hairpins

On the other hand if you’re looking for something simple yet elegant, these $20 freshwater pearl hairpins serve the purpose and subtly bring focus to your hairdo.

Pearls Elegant Jewelry
Pearls are the ideal solution for affordable yet elegant jewelry, and this simple single pearl set is for just $41.

Tennis Bracelet
A delicate chain link Tennis Bracelet will look great on a bride’s wrist. White pearls and rhinestone strung together at a mere $32.

Amethysts Silver Bracelets
For the bold bride we have a set of vintage silver bracelets set with amethysts.

Gold Plated Earrings
Looking for something that is glamorous but easy on your budget? Don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul that these gorgeous gold plated earrings are just for $30!

Antique Silver Chandeliers
Antique silver chandeliers at less than $50.

Tanzanite JewelryTanzanite jewelry has made a splash in the wedding jewelry displays. Here is a dazzling substitute for something blue!

Tanzanite StudsTanzanite studs for less than $50, these modest yet elegant oval gems are set in silver and accent every bride’s eyes.

Tanzanite EarringModern setting for the regal blue stone – this straight edged tanzanite drop earring is drop dead gorgeous.

Vine Choker with Crystals and PearlsStud and choker sets are budget friendly – this traditional vine choker set with crystals and pearls is just right for a deep neck wedding gown.

Choker with Black PearlsThis illusion choker strung with black freshwater pearls is just for $30 and is certain to draw attention to its astounding beauty and mystique.

Floral Tiara with Pearls and Rhinestones
Want to feel like a princess on your wedding day? Go all out and buy yourself a stunning floral tiara set with pearls and rhinestones – nothing says royalty better than this does!


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