Checklist To Shop For Tanzanite Studs


Tanzanite studs are the perfect rendezvous of extravagant color and minimalist fashion, naturally resulting in a style you cannot refute. If you happen to want a pair to go with that night sky blue evening gown or to spruce up your grey plaid office suit, here is a checklist that will help make sure you get what you need and don’t overpay!

1. Budget
Always start by setting a budget for yourself. If you make the mistake of postponing that for later and just going with your instinct at the jewelry shop display, not only are you bound to overpay but the chances are that the jeweler could take you for a ride – sell you something you weren’t even looking for to begin with!
It is of utmost importance to know what you are paying for – metal, purity, genuineness etc.
2. Jeweler
Next is the matter of authenticity and trust – if you’re tanzanite stud shopping online then stick the sites or vendors you trust and if you are sticking to local jewelers make sure you know or know of them. Either way, always get a certificate of authenticity from the GIA.
The jeweler also has a bearing on the cost, so browse through a few before you decide – online shopping for tanzanite studs could get you great deals.
3. Stone – Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat
Once you have the top two in place, the third is the stone itself. Start by deciding the size you want your stud, if you’d like it to be just a single gem or with metal and gem accompaniments (depending on use and personal style).
Next the carat, followed by what color and cut you would prefer – again depending on the accompaniments and what design you are going for.
Clarity is the last, stick to a clarity grade that fits your budget and still does not affect its visual appeal – the inclusions should not show to the naked eye.
4. Metal
Your metal options are fairly limited, as compared to stone grades and setting styles. There is platinum, palladium, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and sterling silver. While tanzanite stud shopping, keep in mind that it is a blue stone, so does usually work better with white metals.
Each metal also has its specific pros and cons – platinum is popular but expensive and scratches, white gold tarnishes but is a reasonable price, rose gold and yellow gold are ideal but the color may not suite your needs, and palladium is perfect in every way but is a hard metal and limits your design possibilities.
This narrows you down a lot – the metal decision you make should base on if its daily use (palladium or platinum) or occasional use (white gold). The colored metals depend entirely on your taste.
5. Setting and Style
The last and final is the setting, which is interlinked with stone and metal. Each has a bearing on the other, but the fundamental fact remains that you are going to be wearing it, and so you must know what style you would like.
Recommended for daily use are modest single stone studs, either simple or bezel setting. Slightly more celebratory occasions could call for halo or side stones. Online jewelry shopping could give you great options, and allow you to design too!

Some of the points of a checklist that will help make sure you get what you need in tanzanite studs shopping and don’t overpay!


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