How We Can Impress Our Loved One With A Jewelry Gift


Heart Citrine Birthstone Ring in Silver

All you men out there, this is your time to shine! If you did something you weren’t supposed and you don’t know how to fix it, you can always resort to the perfect pair of diamond studs or a Tanzanite Ring to make it all okay; well most of the time at least. Ladies, don’t think you can’t do the same – boys like their bling too.

The right piece of jewelry can say much more than even words, and if you tweak the earring or pendant to personalize it and capture a moment which you both once shared then nothing like it!

If your anniversary is right around the corner or if you’re loved one’s birthday is soon to come and you don’t know what to get her then the perfect jewel can make all the difference. Everybody likes that extra sparkle and color in their lives so all you need to do is dig a little deep, do some research and pick up on every hint thrown your way to get the perfect gift to impress her and swipe her off her feet.


So broadly you have the categories of earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and subtle necklaces for ladies and (unfortunately) only watches and cuff links for men – unless he’s the kind you likes his rings and studs as well!

Rings still stand at the absolute top of this graph. Its immaculate inherent meaning of eternity and new beginnings combined with a meaningful stone and an engraving inside the band can literally never go wrong!

Personalizing an earring or a necklace is hard, so if your girl dresses simple and likes the kind of thing she can wear often then go for a simple single or double chained link choker with small carat gems set in. It is delicate yet stunning and it’ll show her that you know her best!


Earrings are easy too – just look through her collection and see what she likes more, studs, drops or chandeliers. Once you have that sorted all you need to do is choose a stone, which is where you can add just the right amount of meaning. Birthstonesare a universally proven favorite, but if you want to take it a step further then you can go through a few crystal meaning and select just the right one.

Tanzanite has made an immense impact the jewel market lately, so a tanzanite pendant, tanzanite ring or tanzanite earring is tailor-made for any occasion. Its flexibility makes it go just right with both casual and formal outfits and its exquisite color is unmatched.Tanzanite Pendant


Pendants and charm bracelets are the ideal for all the hopeless romantics out there. Just a buy a simple single link chain and you can put on it engraved disks, tiny shaped pendants of things she loves, moon phase engravings commemorating a special day and even rough gems with meaning which hold a singular place in your hearts!

Every girl wears certain jewels more than others, so if your loved one happens to be a ring-person or usually adorns only earrings then make sure that’s what you get her.



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