Shopping guide to purchase tanzanite studs online


Online jewelry shopping could be just as much fun as gazing at the local market jewelry displays and trying styles on. You get unmatched variety right at home, not to mention the brilliant deals and prices from across the country that would be inaccessible to you otherwise.

Here is an easy to follow jewelry shopping guide to purchase tanzanite studs online – if you follow these five steps you’ll breeze through the otherwise tedious process.
Tanzanite Stud Earrings
If you happen to be born in December and have this stone to your name, or want to dapper up your wardrobe with a pair of daily wear gorgeous tanzanite studs, then you mustn’t think twice. Be it modest oval cut tanzanite studs, or extravagant seven stone halo studs – now is the time to be tanzanite stud shopping!

1. Set a budget, it always helps keep you in check.

2. Choose the website or online dealer – go for one you trust or one that has been recommended to you. The risk in jewelry shopping online does increase a tad if you aren’t cautious about who you buy from. Check for ratings by previous buyers, or feedback that has been left on the site. Also steer clear of vague product descriptions and unclear authenticity related details, high chances of these being fake.

3. Don’t get fooled in quality (cut, color, clarity, carat) or authenticity of the stone. Always be well aware of what you are buying, especially the fact that tanzanite that has been treated by heat may appear more intensely blue, but in value is lower to natural tanzanite.

Understand the four C’s of precious and semi-precious gems – the importance of balance between color and clarity in a precious stone, how the clarity and price is effected by inclusions or impurities, the cuts influence on surface facets and sparkle etc. You must do your research and be very clear on what grade you are purchasing – in terms of the four C’s mentioned above. Each has a great bearing on the value of the stone, and your focus should be to buy one without any inclusions visible to the naked eye.

4. Now that you are aware of where to buy it and what details you must keep in mind, you enter the realm of cuts ad styles. If you are online jewelry shopping for tanzanite studs with a simple three or four pronged setting and a single solitaire, then all that you need to worry about in terms of style is the cut – oval being the most popular followed closely by princess, emerald, cushion, round, trillion and square. Marquise and pear are unique but often liked for that very same reason.

If you happen to want something more elaborate – with extra stones of metal work – then make sure you browse through a lot of options before you land on one. The simple studs you make the final decision based on price, but here your decision should base itself on style.

5. Next decide the metal, and again you should have done your research. Palladium and platinum are best, followed closely by gold. White gold is an inexpensive substitute for platinum, but tarnishes easy.
That’s it, you’re done! Ask for a GIA certificate of authenticity, fill in your details and wait for the shipment to arrive!


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