Tanzanite The Alternative Gemstone for Engagement Rings

Tanzanite The Alternative Gemstone for Engagement Rings


Engagements are a pre-wedding tradition where a ring is given as a token of love and loyalty, in turn making a promise of a future marriage. The custom of engagement rings has been carried down centuries and has its roots in the symbol of the ring being a representation of eternity – an unbroken circle – and hence perpetual love.

The tradition requires the man to propose to the woman with a ring, which makes it a huge responsibility for all you men! The perfect ring, setting, stone, style for the one you love isn’t an easy decision. The much known diamond rings are traditional and now rather common, but colored stone alternatives has recently flooded the engagement rings market.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

The extremely rare tanzanite is on top of this list and has become a part of wedding jewelry sections in the west – especially the United States of America. Bored of the run of the mill diamond solitaires set in gold? Spice it up with the addition of tanzanites – buy her a diamond tanzanite ring!

Retaining the purity and eternal symbolism of a diamond, the blue crystal adds vitality to the existing design as either the central or the side stone. If you don’t want to go for a single or three-stoned pattern then you could pave the band itself with tanzanites.

Tanzanite engagement rings are out of the box and it’ll show her that you spent time on the selection. Do your research and catch on to the hints she throws – combine those with an element of surprise and drop to your knees with a tanzanite ring in hand!

Tanzanite Jewelry

Every woman wants to look different from the crowd and stand out in the best way possible without sacrificing on latest trends.Fashion is made through change, and here is your chance to be a part of it.

Best set in platinum, budgetary constraints can easily be handled by choosing white gold or sterling silver settings. 925 sterling silver engagement rings have recently become very popular as prices of gold and platinum are hitting the roof. It may be harder to maintain, but 925 sterling silver engagement rings are gorgeous in appearance. Just make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the metals in the alloy.

Tanzanite Ring

In terms of style, tanzanite adds a whole new dimension to engagement rings. The addition of a colored stone is always welcome in jewelry, even more so a crystal with a color that is so flexible that is suits all outfits. A tanzanite solitaire ring is only one of the many possibilities. Three stone and paved band rings have been mentioned above, but there are entire collections of rings under the vintage sections as well. If your girl likes a little tradition and old world style then go for a vintage setting – the tanzanite’s regal, stately and magnificent blue sets of the vintage metal work to absolute perfection.

More contemporary designs are included in the designer engagement ring sections of online websites. The options are endless and you may get thrown off by the variety so set a budget and few ground rules before you start.

Snoop around her jewel closet and find out what kind of jewels she wears. If you know her well enough, you can’t go wrong!


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