Difference Between Tanzanite Studs and Diamond Studs

Difference Between Tanzanite Studs and Diamond Studs

The reductionist approach of a stud and its minimalist stunning beauty is back in fashion, and it is here to stay. Nothing says elegance and grace better than a pair of studs worn to office with those browns and greys, and the statement that they make at work dinners and cocktail parties is just the right amount of demure and classy.

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are traditional and long established, while their counterpart – tanzanite studs – are new age, trendy and progressive. Each has its elements of beauty and value, so let’s see what we have in the latest stud displays in jewel stores.

While diamonds retain their clear and gorgeous beauty, defending their title on top of the popularity graph for centuries now, the recent entrant – tanzanite – has color adding to its sparkle.

Tanzanite Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is pure bling with no excessive elements; nothing matches its immense ability to refract light and blind the people around with its dazzling shine. Tanzanite jewelry on the other hand may look too extravagant, but in all honestly if it is set in white metal and worn with the right outfits then it has a regal and stately hue which sets off and accents your entire look.

A diamond is one of the hardest substances known to man, often making it hard to work with when it comes to delicate and intricate designs. The upside of this hardness is that diamond studs can withstand immense pressure and can be worn daily without worrying about it chipping or breaking. Tanzanite is between a six and a seven on the Moh scale of hardness, making it soft enough to carve and cut into even minute settings, but not hard enough to bear much pressure,making it weaker than diamonds and hence harder to care for.

In terms of rarity a diamond is rare but a tanzanite is a thousand times rarer. Though conventionally a diamond is considered a precious and tanzanite and semi-precious stone, values of both these stones are comparable in many situations. An AAA tanzanite gemstone with perfect color, clarity, cut and carat is easily the same as or sometimes even more than diamonds of the corresponding category.

Tanzanite Studs

Differences and similarities can be spelt out and both sides can always be argued and won in their own accord, so another interesting factor to be considered when shopping for studs is that you can have the best of both worlds! Diamond tanzanite rings have made an entry into the casual as well as wedding jewelry sections of shops, and so have diamond tanzanite studs.

Studs don’t necessarily have only one stone in a pronged or bezel setting. No, there are infactvarious other possibilities. Take a simple tanzanite stud or diamond stud for example, and add around it a halo of diamonds or tanzanite’s respectively. You have the color you need coupled with traditional diamonds; the grey accenting the saturated blue and the blue in turn allowing the diamonds to sparkle.

Don’t hesitate to experiment a little even with traditional stud designs – there is an ocean of unexplored possibilities and combinations of stones and settings!


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