Metal Based Tanzanite Studs

While buying precious or semi-precious gemstones for jewelry, the stones quality absolutely has to be matched with the quality of the setting. This becomes even more important when the stone is colored – you have to keep in mind the tint of the metal as it may enhance or pull down the gems beauty, as well as hide or highlight certain minor flaws in clarity.

When it comes to tanzanite, visually a white metal is always preferred due to the stones color earring towards the cooler side of the spectrum. If you are setting your ring with diamond side stones or paving to go with the central tanzanite, then gold would suite the setting as the vibrant blue is balanced by the grey. Usually, the shine of yellow gold greatly dulls the shine and vibrancy of the tanzanite.

Next comes the strength of the setting itself. Now tanzanite is a semi-precious stone – hence setting exists in almost all metals that are reputed – sterling silver, gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum and palladium. Each has its pros and cons, but choosing once you are aware of the details is reasonably easy and need based.

Sterling silver is low grade so is prone to tarnishing and shape loss, but it is a cheap metal in comparison to the others. If you are buying a tanzanite fashion jewelry piece then go for it, but for long term rings or tanzanite studs, stick to the more hardy metals.

Tanzanite stud earrings are ideally matched with a white metal, but rose gold is a unique and beautiful in between. While the blue is enhanced by the extreme contrast, the rose tint of the gold dulls the metal and allow the tanzanite to shine.

White gold is a comparatively economical option, but as tanzanite is a colored gem and white gold requires to be periodically re-dipped to maintain color, it is not said to be a great idea for daily wear or long term jewelry. For Tanzanite stud earrings white gold is visually ideal but very difficult to maintain.

Yellow gold is always ideal for jewelry of any kind – be it precious or semi-precious stones – but make sure you are okay with the tanzanite’s blue in combination with the yellow shine of the metal as it is not a universal taste and a rather distinctive look. Tanzanite stud earrings yellow goldare unmatched in terms of strength, utility and cost.

Platinum is the most preferred luxury gem setting, and though it does scratch more easily than gold they can be buffed out without harming the tanzanite.

The last, palladium, is on the top of the list and is highly recommended for settings of any kind. While it is less expensive than gold and platinum, it is extremely strong and has minimal spring back – fastening the gems firmly. The only setback as that it’s not an easy metal to work with, so often a design options are limited and resizing is expensive. If you find a palladium set of tanzanite studs you like though, buy it without thinking twice as resizing is a problem faced only with rings and the timeless minimalist stud designs are the most preferred anyhow!