Shape Based Tanzanite Studs

The oldest and most loved earring pattern – the stud – has now been played with by designers galore; all shapes and sizes exist, adding to its single stoned glory. Be it a simple round cut one, or an elaborate tanzanite studs with a ring around it of another gem, a tanzanite stud is a perfect addition to your jewelry. If you have one of those oval diamond studs in your jewelry wardrobe to where to formal events, buy yourself a emerald cut tanzanite stud to add the splash of color and modernity your outfits need!

While the age old emerald cut is a popular shape, it has a hidden agenda – created specifically for emeralds, it enhances shine and sparkle of the gem itself. Buy a pair of these if you have the slightest doubt on style and stone – tanzanite emerald cuts suite everybody.

The princess cut studs plays a role similar to the emerald, a beautiful and much loved cut with straight edges and perfect symmetry. A softer version of the same is the cushion cut stud. If you have rounded facial features go for the former so as to highlight the sharp edges and vice versa.

Round shaped tanzanite studs are often used as daily wear – for example if you are a December born and want to keep on you your birthstone for good luck, simple small carat tanzanite studs are your ideal pick!

The pear shaped tanzanite earrings and trillion shaped are both more out of the box, so if the ones above seem too mainstream for you and you want to try out something new – these are your go-to options.

Tanzanite’s brilliant blue goes gorgeously with the grey of diamonds, so if you want to step up your budget just a little you could have an oval tanzanite set with a halo of diamonds. Want a more unique style? A pear shaped tanzanite earring with a princess cut diamond set below it!

Another exceptional design is the central tanzanite stone with a ring of drop shaped diamonds – either six or eight.

You could also go with an off center or asymmetrical setting – one with the tanzanite fastened between angled metal bars. A little abstraction adds an element of interest to the earrings and draws attention to it.

Sizes can vary from 0.03 carats all the way up to 8 carats when it comes to single stones studs. If you happen to be buying a setting that is more complex, it could go even further. If you’re shopping for daily wear, stick to one to two carats– reasonably priced and not too heavy or overdone. On the other hand for an event or occasion, you can substitute your statement chandeliers with a large 8 carat stud, and even get away with adding smaller stones or metal work around it!

Other possible styles include seven and nine stone studs – circular compositions of smaller carat tanzanite – but with the introduction of the designer era you can mix and match almost any shape to result in an elegant setting; it’s a great idea to make your own!