Top 5 Jewelry for the Women’s On Halloween


1.Tanzanite Rings :

Rings are the most fascinating & beautiful gifts for every women .The sleek design of this ring compels the females to make it an essential part of their wardrobe and for this Halloween day special. A round tanzanite of 0.550 carats clawed with white gold from all the 4 sides fixes it neatly on the band. With almost 16 diamonds of 0.230 carats on both the sides of the band give it a stunning look. It goes well all the gorgeous attire making the heads turn around and making you the soul of the party and for your special days.


Product Details
Metal : 14k white Gold
Total Diamonds : 16

2.Tanzanite Earrings:

Look out for stunning and lustrous tanzanite  pear earrings to dazzle your looks. The diamond  cluster can be selected to suit your dynamic personality and classy taste. Tanzanite earrings will glamorize your look and add grace to your persona. this pear earrings is the worth of your Tanzanite Jewelry collections.

tanzanite earrings

Product Details
Metal : 14k white Gold
Total Diamonds : 32


3.Tanzanite Studs :

The third  most lovable gift for women’s is studs , the unique shape of this emerald cut has an attractive feel of elegant gem and thus when wore as Stud of 0.9 Carats, one looks much more classy than ever. White Gold undoubtedly adds on to stylish glimpse.

tanzanite studs

Product Details
Metal : 14k white Gold
Tanzanite Total Carat Weight : 0.9

4.Tanzanite Pendants :

A gorgeous princess cut tanzanite pendant  surrounded with 29 diamonds of around .52 carats renders ladies a princess look walking off their courtyard. Suspended in a pure 14k white gold chain, it gives a royal appearance to the wearer as well as spectator. It could serve as the best present to gift it to your loved one to make the day more special for them.

tanzanite pendants

Product Details
Metal : 14k white Gold
Tanzanite Diamonds : 29

5.Tanzanite Stones :

Tanzanite stones are 585 million years old. There are apparently only very rare tanzanite stones that are naturally blue. Given its attractive color, rarity and the publicity, which greeted its discovery .The Tanzanite gemstones is  the perfect stones for the jewelry.

tanzanite stone

Product Details
Length : 5
Width : 4
Group : Zoisite


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